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Website Hosting

Once your web site has been designed and completed, you will need space on a web server computer where your pages can be published to the Internet.

We provide such space on our own high speed server computers located in data centres in Ireland. In order to achieve our guaranteed high availability of 99.9%, our server computers are protected by redundant systems for Internet connectivity, electrical power, air conditioning and fire suppression.

Because we control our own web servers, we can tailor web space to your requirements.




You may already have an email address like, however, now that you have your own domain name, you will want to use email addresses such as This gives a more professional appearance when sending emails and helps to promote your company's web address.

We can configure your domain name's email to match your needs from the simplest to the most complex.


You have the option of maintaining your email configuration using our email control panel or we can manage it for you.

We provide webmail so that you can access your email while travelling.


Spam has become a major headache for email users. However, we use a number of anti-spam mechanisms on our mail servers and over fifty percent of email received each day is rejected because it is spam or generated by a virus.

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